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We specialize in Dynamic Small Homes with Luxurious Amenities, 
Maximum Energy Efficiency,
and Sustainable Comfort.

Portable "Tiny" homes built by a licensed contractor ensures maximum safety and construction confidence.

Site-built Small homes, customized to organically blend with your land. We have sustainable options that are less toxic than traditional building practices and more responsible for our shared planet.


Spring Branch's first "Tiny" home, The Kiowa is built on a 24' Trailer Made trailer. She weighs in at 12,500lbs with axle capacity for 14,000 lbs and is 8'5" wide and 13'5" tall. We've designed The Kiowa to be open, spacious, airy and yet it has a full size shower, toilet, kitchen and over 82 cu ft of closet space! 

Master Loft
Master Loft

Master king size loft looking out to the twin bed/meditation room loft. Also, you can see the Pioneer mini-split A/C unit as well.

Windows and Lights
Windows and Lights

Each side of the master loft (and twin loft as well) has individually switched lights and double integrated USB ports for charging phones and tablets.

Peek Into Bath From Hall
Peek Into Bath From Hall

Here you can see the full-size w/c and shelving unit.

Road Side
Road Side

Our windows are from Washington state, cedar shingles came from Timbers, the steel loft supports were cut by Glasier Steel, both are just down the street from our build site.

The Kiowa
The Kiowa

Welcome home!

Steel and Hardwood Sladder
Steel and Hardwood Sladder

We sourced locally whenever possible, Nate Whiteis, for the wardrobes, refrigerator housing, and kitchen cabinets. And Josh Valentine, for the gorgeous Stair/Ladder.

THE KIOWA     fully equipped $59,000



I like to joke that I've been a home-builder since 5. I was that old when my parents broke ground on our house in rural Tennessee. Their goal was to build without going in to debt and to accomplish this they read every book the library had on home construction then built our 2,200 sq.ft. home with minimal outside help.

While this isn't always practical for today's family because of time constraints, this idea of building within your income made a huge impression and is fuel for the small, thoughtful homes I build today. 

Construction is truly in my blood and it’s my passion to create workable, elegant spaces that are energy-efficient and blend organically with each site. Building a home is one of the most important life steps you can take. We're here to help you through this process with transparent pricing, elegant solutions and sumptuous finishes.

Let’s make something great, together!



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