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The First Tiny Home for Spring Branch!

Trailer is here! Thanks to Damon at Trailer Made for the incredibly engineered 24' all steel tube trailer. After seeing work from other trailer manufacturers Trailer Made was a no-brainer. They just make a far superior product. It is a thing of beauty and I'm so excited to build our first tiny home on this work of art. The two 7,000 axles are definitely sturdy enough to build the gorgeous home we have envisioned. I'm taking it to the scales to get a dry weight today.

Also today, visiting our local RV store to price options on holding tanks, plumbing and water pumps. I'm also researching lumber and window pricing at our local lumber yard. I want to use the big box stores as little as possible to keep our money local. One of the benefits of using local yards is the lumber moves a little slower and will be drier (less warping in finished product) and I can place my order to be delivered the next day for free. Plus, cultivating relationships with the counter guys is always a good thing. They have fingers in all kinds of pies and know tons of other small business owners if I need specialized construction down the road.

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