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Found a Build Site!

Found the almost perfect lot to build the tiny home! It's fenced, with a live-on landlord who's really nice. I have about a 30' x 60' area to call my own. Now I just need a lockable job box so I don't have to tote my tools every morning. ; )

There is power right next to the trailer and water not too far away. My only concern is shade. Colorado Springs is under a heat wave like the rest of the country right now and today was supposed to be 96 degrees. Too hot! I believe my solution is to install plumbing and insulation in the 6" floor cavities and throw on my sheathing as quick as I can so I can get the west wall framed, sheathed and stood up this week to give some protection from that brutal sun.

Went to the local ReStore today and found an unopened roll of Kerdi Waterproofing membrane for the shower. Retail: $99, ReStore price: $5. Awesome.

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