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PEX, sill sealer, and insulation are finished

All the PEX is in and the insulation is done. We managed to insulate to R-30 with the HUGE floor cavity Trailer Made Trailers gave us. This makes me super happy because I know our homeowner will be warm and toasty this winter.

The PEX was a breeze. Bought a crimp ring tool and 100' of white 1/2" PEX and was able to plumb fresh water lines to the washer box, two sinks, icemaker, shower, toilet and utility space. Used PEX because of the ease of install and it is so freeze-thaw resistant. Which will NEVER happen with all the insulation!

Installed two layers of moisture and sound protection under the T&G subfloor by using PL375 construction adhesive on the steel under a few rolls of sill-sealer (the pink stuff). Some of the other tiny home builders rely on just a bead of adhesive to provide moisture and sound protection. We don't do that on site-built houses, it's not okay on our rolling home. We want this puppy to last!

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