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We have new mascots

So, before the mascot, a word about screws. Self-drilling screws rock and it's the only way to go when penetrating steel. However, I purchased 1-7/16" screws to fasten the 3/4" subfloor to our steel frame. Unfortunately, the way these are designed, the threads start about 1/2" from the self-drilling tip of the screw so the gripshion never happens. Damn. The next size up is 2-1/4" and you can bet your bippy that sucker grabs but I found it was quite time-consuming to screw it down. Solution? 1/8" Millwaulkie drill bits for metal and predrill. They are about $3 each but they last three times longer than Black & Decker, DeWalt and the one I pulled out of a multi-box. Sooo worth the price!

On to the mascots. Baby rabbits came up to me on the jobsite today. They were camped out under an RV and the lot owner wanted them gone. So I put them in my hat and drove them to a wildlife rescue that already has a few babies. Want to see her? Here you go! P.S. Yes, that's my list on my hand.

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