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Plumbing pressure test

Pressure test is done on the water lines and it passed with no leaks. I'm so glad because I got to fasten the rest of the decking down to the steel beams today. Did I mention the screws are a PITA but well worth the time. It's adding structural rigidity to the entire home and walking around on the deck feels solid as heck. I'm stoked!

I got the lumber pack for the studs and roof delivered today. It's such a tidy, pretty bundle that smells so nice. I dug into it and framed the kitchen wall with it's 3" slope from curbside to roadside. It's now ready to stand and be braced tomorrow so I can work on the curbside wall.

So nice to see a big chunk of progress!

PS Forgot to take a photo of deck with capped lines so you get one from a few days later. The washer box goes on the right, kitchen sink in the middle, and the ball valves for the water inlet are on the left. Oh, the one crazy long one at the bottom left? That's the icemaker line. Fancy!

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